We have decades of experience in the St. Louis area and we work hard to make sure our clients are satisfied both during and after our work no matter how large or small.

St. Louis Missouri Matching Your Garage Door with the Right Garage Door Opener

Should You Repair Your Garage Door in the Spring or the Fall?

The most convenient method to place an order for your garage door is to call 616-258-0833 and talk to our experienced sales reps. We will help you through the garage door buying procedure and address any concerns you could have. You can also place an order personally at our office/manufacturing facility.

Obtain an entirely free ESTIMATE by completing the application and you will have a price including delivery very soon. Our professional sales representatives will be in contact with you. Please note that we are closed on Sundays.

How do I order?

Easy! You can place your order by visiting our physical address, or by calling or faxing. Keep in mind that a 50% deposit is required upon order.

Common Residential Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them
St. Louis Missouri Minor Garage Door Repairs

Estimates on residential repairs/new installations

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate over the phone for whatever kind of repairs, service, or new installation you may have in mind. An on-site visit will always provide a more accurate assessment however, so a visit to your home by one of our skilled technicians is usually the best way to obtain an accurate estimate.

Estimates on residential repairs/new installations

St. Louis Missouri Affordable Residential Garage Door Repair

Residential garage door maintenance

Regular maintenance can prevent a lot of issues from blowing up into major problems, and that’s one reason why you should consider a maintenance agreement with us. Servicing will also extend the operational life of your garage door, and protect your investment.

Residential garage door maintenance

St. Louis Missouri When is it Better to Replace an Old Garage Door?

Repairs & Adjustments

When anything breaks on your residential garage door, or if it should jump its tracks, you’ll probably need professional help to resolve the issue. We can provide expert help no matter what kind of issue you’re having.

Repairs & Adjustments

St. Louis Missouri Can Your Garage Door Be Repaired?

Emergency Service

When disaster strikes, it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time possible. Whenever that might be, give us a call and let us dispatch a technician to provide top-notch emergency service, at any time you might be having a problem.

Emergency Service

St. Louis Missouri When Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

New residential garage door installations

Expert installation of your new residential garage door goes a long way toward ensuring peak performance for a long time, and that’s the kind of service we pledge to you. After discussing the variety of options available to you for new doors, our service person will install it according to specifications, so you can enjoy years of reliable usage.

New residential garage door installations

St. Louis Missouri How a Garage Door Repair Service can Add Security to Your Home

Professional and courteous service

This is an aspect of our business that we take so seriously, that we list it as a separate service, although our clients experience it as a natural component of every job we do. To us, no job is complete unless we have provided service that a client is completely satisfied with, and would recommend to friends and relatives.

Professional and courteous service

St. Louis Missouri Protect Your Vehicle with a New Garage Door

Steel Construction

Our doors are built with quality steel for durability and weight restrictions in mind. This provides you with the right balance of strength and lightness.

St. Louis Missouri How a New Garage Door can Improve the Value of Your Home

Wood Grain Texture

Your residential door will be embossed with a wood grain texture for that old-fashioned wood door look. You get the look of wood with the durability of steel.

St. Louis Missouri Which Residential Garage Doors are the Most Resistant to Hail Damage?

Quality Parts

To turn your panels into a working garage door you need hardware (to put the pieces together) and track (to give the panels a path to travel). We use only the best steel parts for your door.

St. Louis Missouri How a New Garage Door can Keep Your Family Safe


Are you looking for glass in your door? A remote controlled operator to open the door? Decorative trim? We have a wide array of choices for your door.

How Bad Weather can Affect Your Garage Door, and What You Can Do About It
St. Louis Missouri How a New Garage Door can Lower Your Utility Bills

Christie O'Roark

Your estimate for the time, labor, and total cost of my new garage door was extremely close to the final total. I really appreciate that, because it allowed me to plan my budget and stay within the figure I had set aside. Needless to say, I was very relieved there were no cost runovers.

St. Louis Missouri Repairing a Vandalized Garage Door

Caleb Ewing

So glad I called you first about getting a new garage door opener. After six months, I haven’t had one glitch, and I just love how quiet this new system is!

We are the BEST choice for
Residential Garage Door Repair Parts in St. Louis, Missouri.


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St. Louis, Missouri City Information

St. Louis Residential Garage Door Repair Parts Articles

Residential Garage Door Repair Parts We'll Restore Your Garage Door Topics

Residential Garage Door Repair Parts We'll Restore Your St. Louis Garage Door This Week Video


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Information for St. Louis, Missouri

Missouri, adjacentto but independent of St. Louis county, east-central Missouri, U.S. It lies on the west bank of the Mississippi River (bridged there at several points) opposite East St. Louis, Illinois, just south of theconfluenceof the Missouri River. The city's boundaries have remained unchanged since 1876, when it became administratively independent. It is, however, the state's largest and most populous metropolitan area. Suburbancommunitiesinclude Chesterfield, Florissant, Kirkwood, St. Charles, and University City in Missouri and Alton, Belleville, East St. Louis, and Granite City in Illinois. Inc. town, 1809; city, 1822. Area city, 66 square miles (171 square km). Pop. (2000) 348, 189; St. Louis Metro Area, 2, 698, 687; (2010) 319, 294; St. Louis Metro Area, 2, 812, 896.Gateway Arch framing downtown St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Kelly-Mooney Photography/Corbis HistoryThe area was originally inhabited by mound builders of the Mississippian culture. The French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet passed by during their exploration of the Mississippi in 1673. In 1764 Pierre Laclede Liguest of New Orleans founded a fur-trading post on the site, which at the time was located in Spanish territory. It was laid out by Auguste Chouteau and named for the canonized king Louis IX of France. St. Louis was later retroceded (1800) to France and, following the Louisiana Purchase (1803), became part of the United States. In 1804 the Lewis and Clark Expedition departed from St. Louis on its great exploratory journey to the Pacific Northwest. The city was the seat of government for the Louisiana (1805) and Missouri (1812) territories. Read More on This TopicMissouri (state, United States):With the arrival of steamboats in 1817, St. Louis began to grow rapidly and became an important river port. German and Irish immigrants settled there in the 19th century. It was the site of the Missouriconstitutionalconvention (1820), but it ceased to serve as capital when statehood was attained (1821). It became the crossroads of westward expansion in the United States and an outfitting point for exploring parties, fur-trading expeditions, and pioneers traveling across the state to Independence and the start of the Santa Fe, California, and Oregon trails. In 1849 a choleraepidemickilled thousands, and a section of the city was destroyed by fire when a steamboat exploded on the riverfront. Railroads arrived in the 1850s, and by the 1870s they had mostly replaced the steamboats as the dominant means of transportation. During the American Civil War, St. Louis was kept under martial law while remaining a Union base.The fur trade remained important until the mid-1800s, but during the latter half of the 19th century St. Louis developed as an industrial centre for brewing and manufacturing (including clothes, shoes, and iron). The Eads Bridge (1874; now a national historic landmark) connected the railroads across the Mississippi, and the city continued to be a major transportation hub. In 1904 the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (also known as the St. Louis World's Fair) was held just west of the city in Forest Park tocommemoratethe centennial of the Louisiana Purchase. This event, in conjunction with the 1904 Olympic Games in the city, brought it international attention. Financial backing from St. Louis businessmen sponsored Charles A. Lindbergh's historic 1927 nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in theSpirit of St. Louis . A crowded street at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. St. Louis's population increased steadily during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Growth stagnated somewhat in the Great Depression of the 1930s but boomed again during World War II, and the population reached a peak of more than 850, 000 in 1950. During that period, African Americans were a growing proportion of the newcomers. The city's population subsequently declined rapidly. By 2000 it was only about two-fifths of its 1950 level, roughly comparable to what it had been in 1880. Most of those leaving the city were people of European ancestry who poured into the surrounding suburbs; those communities, in turn, quickly grew in size. The number of African Americans in St. Louis also dropped, but at a much slower rate, and by 2000 blacksconstitutedmore than half of the city's residents. Map of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. ( c.1900), from the 10th edition of � Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. The contemporary city Britannica Stories In The News / GeographyColossal Statue of Ramses II ('Ozymandias') Discovered in CairoDemystified / ScienceIs Climate Change Real?Spotlight / HistoryThe Legacy of Order 9066 and Japanese American InternmentIn The News / ScienceMore Evidence of Neanderthal Lifestyles St. Louis remains a major transportation and distribution centre. The city is the second largest inland port in the country and is a major part of the Inland Waterway System. It is the northernmost point on the Mississippi that remains ice-free all year; major cargoes include grain, coal, petroleum products, and chemicals. St. Louis is also one of the country's largest rail centres and has an international airport and an extensive network of interstate highways. The city is the headquarters for several major corporations. Services, including health care, finance and banking, telecommunications, airline operations, and education, are major contributors to the economy. Manufacturing is still a primary factor, and products include beer, chemicals, metal products, missiles, military aircraft, and automobiles. High-technology industries are also important, and an air force base is nearby in Illinois. Test Your KnowledgeHuman Bones:Fact or Fiction?Several institutions of higher education are in the metropolitan area. St. Louis University (1818) maintains the Pius XII Memorial Library, which preserves microfilm of Vatican Library treasures. Washington University (1853) was founded by William Greenleaf Eliot, grandfather of the poet T.S. Eliot, and St. Louis College of Pharmacy dates from 1864. The University of Missouri - St. Louis (1963) is just northwest of the city. Other schools include Lindenwood University in St. Charles (1827), Harris-Stowe State College (1857), Maryville University of St. Louis (1872), Webster University (1915), Fontbonne University (1923), and St. LouisCommunityCollege (1962).The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra (1880) is one of the oldest in the United States; the city also has an opera company and several theatre organizations. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, built on the original village plat, is dominated by the 630-foot (192-metre) stainless-steel Gateway Arch (1965), designed by architect Eero Saarinen to commemorate St. Louis's historic role as 'Gateway to the West.' The site includes the Museum of Westward Expansion; the Old Cathedral (Basilica of St. Louis, King; 1831 - 34), which was granted a specialindulgenceby Pope Gregory XVI; and the Old Courthouse (1839 - 62; now a museum), which was the scene of two early trials in the Dred Scott slavery case (1847 and 1850) and contains murals by Carl Wimar. In Aloe Plaza stands Swedish sculptor Carl Milles's fountain symbolizing the convergence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The boyhood home of poet Eugene Field is now a toy museum. Forest Park is the site of several attractions, including an art museum (housed in a World's Fair building), a history museum, a science centre, and the St. Louis Zoo, home to some 5, 000 animals. The Missouri Botanical Garden has a traditional Japanese garden.Connect with BritannicaFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramPinterestRecreational areas in the region include a number of state parks (Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial, Castlewood, Katy Trail, and Route 66) and state historic sites (First Missouri State Capitol [St. Charles], Scott Joplin House [home of the ragtime composer], Mastodon [a paleontological site], and Sandy Creek Covered Bridge). Several conservation areas are also nearby, including Rockwoods Reservation andAugustA. Busch Memorial Conservation Area. Across the river near Collinsville, Illinois, is Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, a prehistoric Native American village. Jefferson Barracks Historic Park is south of the city. St. Louis is the home of the Cardinals (baseball) and Blues (ice hockey) professional sports teams. Several gambling casinos are located along the banks of the rivers. Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, 2010. Melinda Leonard

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St. Louis - Expert Residential Garage Door Replacement Articles

Damaged Garage Door Repair or Replacement

It's often hard to tell when you need damaged garage door repair or replacement. This guide will help you understand the differences between what requires repairs, and what requires replacements. Knowing the key signs to look for to figure out which you need can save you time, hassle, and money. Seek a local garage door service for help when it is needed.

Key Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

How can you tell if your garage door is damaged and in need of repairs? There are many warning signs that you can identify in order to come to a conclusion.

Take time to inspect your garage door; once a month is a general rule of thumb. The most important and most obvious thing to notice is whether or not your garage door opens on command from a control panel or remote clicker. If it does not open on command from the control panel, the problem is most likely serious and a professional should be called. If it does not open from a remote clicker, there is a problem with the garage door remote system, and it too should be serviced ASAP.

Another thing you can do is check for a delay in the time it takes before your garage door begins to open to close. If it takes longer than 2-3 seconds, something is wrong.

Try a visual inspection once a month to check for anything that looks out of place. Garage door rollers and tracks are something to pay close attention to. The tracks can often become bent, and you should be able to tell if they are. A garage door technician can take care of problems like that.

Listen to your garage door during operation. If it is loud, chances are that something is wrong, most likely with tracks, rollers, or even the opener itself. Only a certified garage door technician should service your garage door opener.

Checking For Signs That You Need Replacement

It is obvious that extreme damage, from a car wreck or otherwise, may leave your garage door in shambles. Situations like that require an entire garage door replacement. There are many other signs you can look for as well. For example; rotted wood in a wood garage door cannot be repaired. It can only be replaced entirely.

Check your garage door's sections for damages. If they become damaged or deformed, your garage door may not fit properly into its space during operation.

Of course, replacing your garage door may also come from a desire to own a modern garage door with modern features, such as object sensors, remote systems, or even lesser thought of things like better insulation. Many older doors lack these features.

You may also consider replacing your garage door if you plan to sell your house and want to increase its cosmetic appearance in order to make it worth more money to a buyer.

Knowing these things can greatly increase your garage door's life expectancy or value. Choose a pro to administer damaged garage door or replacement service.

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Video: Licensed Garage Door Repair and Replacement Contractors in Your Community



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